Modelling and testing

Triple A specializes in the creation and development of projection models. Triple A developers work in every language (VBA, C++/C#, R, Java, etc.) or package (MoSes, Prophet, VIPitech), which enables them to prepare and develop effective models designed for valuation of many types of products. At the same time, thanks to our broad experience, Triple A – Risk Finance creates solutions which rely on the best market practices. The formula of cooperation with Triple A – Risk Finance as part of the modelling process is suited for the needs and requirements of the Client, who is free to determine the role and level of the required involvement of our specialist. While designing our models we take into account the applicable IT standards (including Requirements, Development, Functional Acceptance Test, User Acceptance Test, Production) as well as the expectations set by model validators.

In addition to modelling we also conduct professional tests in various systems which are used in the organisation (administration systems, data bases, projection models, reporting tools). The testing process has a transparent structure (Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Report) and is always constructive – from the very beginning we propose specific changes and corrections.