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Compliance Partners

Effective risk management is a requirement set by supervisory institutions. The actuarial activities overlap with the compliance area. To effectively address compliance requirements, Triple A – Risk Finance cooperates with Compliance Partners, its strategic partner on the Polish market.

Compliance Partners strives for the best solutions, enabling exceptional effectiveness in the domain of compliance and legal security of financial market entities, in their widest sense.

To find out more about Compliance Partners, please visit: www.cp.pl.

RPC Consulting

Actuarial modelling is a computationally extensive task. We know that our clients prefer swift results, which is why we started cooperation with RPC Consulting, provider of Tyche: new software for financial projection.

Tyche enables building cost-effective solutions, utilizing the latest developments in desktop and server hardware to ensure that actuarial calculations are executed as efficiently as possible. It can be used for both Life and Non-Life insurance policies, allowing the creation of the entire calculation workflow. Developed in T#, an intuitive scripting language, and supporting C# and R languages, this software enables both experienced and new developers to easily get to grips with it.

Tyche also offers the Tyche Model Generator, a module for Tyche that effortlessly converts your Excel cash flow models for use in Tyche.

To find out more about RPC Consulting and Tyche, please visit: https://www.rpc.co.uk/

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