About us

About us

We are Triple A – Risk Finance, an independent and innovative firm that specialises in risk management consultancy and actuarial services. We want you to benefit from our vast experience and specialist knowledge. With our know-how and expertise in the world of insurance and pension products, we offer services that usually go beyond what most other advisory services can provide. On top of that, you will benefit from tailor-made tools that bring measurable extra value to your company.

Because two generally know more than one, we believe in the synergy of multidisciplinary teams, and focus on practical knowledge transferral. Each project is based on clear results-oriented agreements.

Our mission is straight-forward: after our collaboration, you should be able to continue independently as an even more successful company.

Triple A

Triple A was founded in the Netherlands in 2006. From a number of countries – e.g. the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Belgium – we provide services for insurers, pension funds, pension administrators, banks and businesses with a wide array of concerns. The services provided may differ between the various regions, which is why we firmly believe in local representation.

With that in mind, we opened our agency in Poland in January 2014. Our Polish consultants are specialised in risk management and actuarial services for insurance companies. We are active on both the Polish market and abroad, delivering number of projects for clients across many countries (i.a. Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Poland, UK, Switzerland).

Triple A consultants exchange their know-how and experience within the company’s branches across all countries. Due to an expanding client base, we regularly welcome new talented consultants into our company. As part of their continuous personal and professional development, our employees regularly participate in seminars, conferences and company events with colleagues from Triple A in the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium, to synergistically increase their knowledge and their network.

This is where our company philosophy comes from: openly sharing our expertise and experience, so both our employees and our clients can benefit from our vast knowledge base, for our mutual advantage.

How we work

Triple A provides interim management, project-based solutions and tailor-made advice, all with regards to your specific needs. We look at the standards and processes already in place in your organisation and aim for maximum practicality. Then, we provide you with sector-specific propositions and solutions on a project basis in a flexible and cost-efficient manner.

We distinguish ourselves in both quality and speed of delivery by giving you valuable and concrete advice, with no strings attached. During the project, we supply you with all our know-how and train your employees so they can independently control the new processes and procedures, without the need for support. And for that we take full responsibility.

We believe it is worth putting effort into processes optimization. We can help you get your reporting processes optimised, and your operation and automation improved, so that your company experience tangible benefits. In the short-term, it should lead to faster access to data and improved quality of information. In the long-term, you’ll notice some real cost savings.

Our AAA-team

Triple A prides itself in employing the most talented people we can find: professionals with experience in the field of insurance and pension gained in a variety of financial institutions and consultancy firms. We distinguish ourselves by unique skill set: insurance knowledge and actuarial experience combined with programming skills. For our team on regular basis we seek insurance experts, actuaries, risk professionals, and investment analysts.

Triple A consultants are screened by Validata, the leading Dutch screening institution for professionals in the financial sector. Every employee is well supported on the road to further personal development and encouraged to participate in seminars, conferences and company events, in close cooperation with our colleagues from Triple A in the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.

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