Redmore Group becoming part of House of HR


House of HR today announced that a final agreement has been reached on the acquisition of
Redmore Group, a Dutch service provider specialised in sourcing, (ERP) consultancy, employee secondment and the provision of technological solutions. Redmore´s clients are both multinationals and SME´s and are primarily situated in the public sector and the banking and insurance sector. With a turnover of over 100 million euros and an excellent return, this is a strong addition to House of HR´s portfolio.

Redmore Group was created in 2014 from a fusion of the expertise of Talent&Pro, Triple A Risk Finance, Triple S Unlimited and Profource, all of them well-known and prominent companies in the market. Together they have more than 1,200 specialised professionals in service who conceive and implement solutions in the fields of Risk & Compliance, Finance & Control, process improvement and project realisation, carry out ERP implementations and assure the staffing of primary and secondary processes at banks and insurers.

Why did Redmore opt for House of HR?

“With HOHR we can fulfil our growth ambitions. We´re very happy with HOHR because it gives us a platform to expand our joint provision of services nationally and internationally and will enable us to grow more quickly. This offers excellent possibilities for our clients, and better career prospects for our employees. Just like us, HOHR has an entrepreneurial culture that is oriented towards the development of highly-trained people in combination with a focus on innovation and market growth. We therefore see this as a perfect match."

Rika Coppens, CEO of House of HR, is also enthusiastic about the new acquisition: "We´re looking forward to welcoming the entire Redmore team to House of HR. They are extremely enterprising and, just like with our other companies, their whole culture is aimed at growth and innovation. Their activities also closely fit House of HR in terms of the type of clientele, candidates and the regions where they are active. Redmore Group hires primarily highly-educated financially-oriented and beta profiles. This is perfectly complementary to our activities in engineering and consultancy. We were already quite active in the Netherlands with Accent, Continu and Covebo, but we still see great growth potential there. So we´re convinced that we´ll become even stronger and more resilient with Redmore in our group.”