Compliance Partners

Effective risk management is a requirement set by institutions supervising the financial market in Poland and in Europe. In a growing number of cases the actuarial activities overlap with the compliance area. In other situations our Clients may enquire as to the compliance of their activities with the regulations and legal requirements. In order to effectively address these issues Triple A - Risk Finance cooperates with its strategic partner on the Polish market, Compliance Partners.

Compliance Partners finds the best solutions enabling the exceptional effectiveness in the field of broadly understood compliance and legal security of the financial market entities. Advisory services of Compliance Partners include but are not limited to the following:

  • Continuous initiative with respect to the analysis, evaluation and implementation ensuring the compliance of activities,
  • Uncompromising application of the highest standards in the field of compliance & risk management, taking into account the operational and cost effectiveness aspects in the provided recommendations,
  • Creation of awareness by providing the managers in the financial institutions and persons holding positions in the field of compliance and risk management with access to information and knowledge in key areas.

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