Thom Peters

Thom Peters



Broad experience of over 15 years in the insurance industry; Worked a lot with actuarial reports, actuarial model implementations and M&A projects; Recently active as actuarial function holder at group level for a Dutch listed insurance company.


My goal is to help clients solve complex or challenging problems. The best part for me is when that succeeds and when we have a satisfied client. As an actuary, I prefer to do that on the basis of content. That makes me enthusiastic.

Getting the job done

I find it important to work openly and honestly. And to work well with a team, which can be a Triple A team or a combined team with the client, to get the job done.


I am only satisfied when the client is happy with the result. In fact, I am only really satisfied when we have managed to exceed the client’s expectations. I have a continuous focus on results.


Relaxation and fun is not just something for leisure. Even within projects, it is good to have enough relaxation, so that you can peak at the important moments. And when we reach the goal, we should celebrate!

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