Jakub Kotlarek

Jakub Kotlarek


Jakub Kotlarek, Consultant, specializes in actuarial modelling, programming and mathematical aspects of finances and insurance.

Jakub gained much experience in actuarial modelling while taking part in the projects in Triple A and Deloitte. He specializes in RAFM / C++ development. As a part of his projects, Jakub was involved in building and designing from scratch various functionalities in actuarial models. Jakub has also gained significant experience in testing and development using other actuarial modelling tools – Algo FM and Prophet.

Jakub studied Mathematics at the University of Warsaw with the Insurance Mathematics specialization. In the meantime, Jakub worked in Deloitte, where he gained experience in development of actuarial tools in R / Shiny and VBA. He gained much knowledge in the field of SII and IFRS17 both by being heavily involved in the Deloitte audits and through implementing and testing of IFRS17 related model improvements in RAFM / Algo FM. He has advanced C++ knowledge; he is fluent with the usage of R / Shiny, VBA and C#. Moreover, Jakub got experience in working with SQL and various mathematical tools e.g. Matlab, Maxima.

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